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Library and Media Services

    Welcome to the John P. Stevens High School Library Media Center!

We are open Monday-Friday, 7:30 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.  Students can stay after school to work on school related projects. 

Need help with research, finding a good book, or creating your Works Cited Page?  Come see Ms. Stein, your teacher-librarian, for help!

Guidelines for the Library Media Center

  • During the school day, you must have a pass to come to the library during Study Hall, lunch or class. 

  • Upon entering the library, students must present their passes. 

  • Student ID Cards are required and must be used to scan in and out of the library.

  • Books and old issues of magazines can be borrowed for 2 weeks and renewed if needed.

  • Passwords are needed to use subscription databases - ask Ms. Stein for details.       

  • Click here or use the menu on the right to access the Library Catalog and Website                            

Mission Statement: 

The mission of the John P. Stevens High School Library Media Center is to make certain that our students and staff are efficient and effective users of ideas and information.  The school library promotes literacy and the competencies necessary to function intelligently in our fast paced 21st century technological society. It also plays a significant role as a stimulus for academic instruction and as a vital part of the educational system. To support this initiative, we provide:

A.  A well-rounded collection of print and multi-media resources chosen for their excellence in subject matter and relevance to curriculum, 21st Century skills, and student interest.

B.  Instruction that promotes competence in academics, an appreciation for reading, and the efficient and critical use of information sources.

   Use the Edison Public Library - Open 6 days/week all summer!  

Use your Edison Public Library card, you can use great resources on-line. You will find college test preparation/practice, a language learning database, audio and e-book selections and much more! 

Click this link  http://www.edisonpubliclibrary.net/ for more information.