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JPS Greenhouse

The JPS Greenhouse is built and we are GROWING!  We continue to apply for grants and seek funding to purchase grow lights, build a year-round farm stand with florist shop and institute additional growing green practices.  


Produce Sales NOW!
Farm Stand is OPEN Tuesdays and Thursdays
 Front of John P. Stevens HS 
Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 8am - 12pm & 12pm - 2pm
Farm Stand is closed when school is closed.  Click here to view the school calendar.



1. To create our own CSA for families with SNAP funding to have access to free organic produce.  

2. To develop a florist program where the students from our multiply disabled classes can learn the skills of the florist business for future job opportunities.  

3. To institute a program providing free dinners to senior citizens in need made from the organic produce from the greenhouse by the students in our multiply disabled classes.  

All of these programs will run out of our year-round farm stand.  The year-round farm stand will be a stand alone building with easy access to the road and its own driveway.  The year-round farm stand will serve as a job placement to learn work skills for students in the multiply disabled classes.