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Preparing for AP Exams

Registration is CLOSED!

AP Exam Registration began Monday, September 20, 2021. (Note that this is for AP Exams and NOT for A.P. classes.) 

Regular registration will end on Wednesday, October 28, 2021. Late registration will begin Thursday, October 21st and will end October 28th. Students that register during the late registration period will have to pay a late fee in the amount of $40 per exam. Each exam will cost $100. Students registering for AP Seminar or AP Research will incur an exam fee of $148.

In order to register for an exam, you will need to go to http://www.totalregistration.net/AP/310787. This can also be found on the JP Stevens counseling website in the “AP Testing Information” tab. If you have taken an exam previously you should use the same email address that you have used in the past. 

Before we can order A.P. exams all students must also "enroll" their AP exams with the College Board. At the end of the registration process through Total Registration, you will be provided with information and a link to complete the College Board's enrollment process. Please complete this final step right after registering to guarantee your AP exam(s) will be ordered. (Some students may have already completed this task in their AP Classes and DO NOT have to do it again if this is the case). Please view this link that will help guide you through this process https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=kT4gecvCvsw . An exam can not be ordered for you if you do not complete both processes. 

We strongly discourage students from taking an A.P. Exam if they are not enrolled in the A.P. class. If you still choose to take an A.P. Exam and are not enrolled in an A.P. class you should register for Exam Only sections of the exam you want to take. Do not select a teacher or period for a class you are not enrolled in. 

If you have any questions, please contact the AP Coordinator, Ms. Hall (Shaheda.Hall@edison.k12.nj.us). Thank you for your cooperation with this new process, which is due to College Board changes.


** It is not recommended that you take an AP exam if you are not enrolled in the class as the AP exams are designed to test your knowledge of college-level material.

For information about college's AP score policies, click here

Student Directions for AP Classrooms

My AP Student Experience (video):

AP Potential feedback will now be available to students online in My College Quickstart.

Students can:

  • View their current level of readiness for 23 different AP exams
  • Get recommendations for AP courses related to their intended major
  • See which AP exams were offered at your school last year

You can access the same data at www.collegeboard.org/appotential.

For more information about My College QuickStart, go to www.collegeboard.org/psattools

Questions? E-mail inquiry@collegeboard.org.