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Preparing for AP Exams



Registration for AP exams was September 14, 2020 and will end October 14, 2020.  Late Registration began October 15th and ended October 25th.  Registration re-opened until March 1.

** It is not recommended that you take an AP exam if you are not enrolled in the class as the AP exams are designed to test your knowledge of college-level material.

For information about college's AP score policies, click here

Student Directions for AP Classrooms

My AP Student Experience (video):

AP Potential feedback will now be available to students online in My College Quickstart.

Students can:

  • View their current level of readiness for 23 different AP exams
  • Get recommendations for AP courses related to their intended major
  • See which AP exams were offered at your school last year

You can access the same data at www.collegeboard.org/appotential.

For more information about My College QuickStart, go to www.collegeboard.org/psattools

Questions? E-mail inquiry@collegeboard.org.