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A poem on Standing Up to Bullying by JP graduate Danwitt Jean-Baptiste

JP Graduate Danwitt Jean-Baptiste is a passionate poet that has written a piece about standing up to bullying. The poem is entitled I Spoke Up.

 I Spoke Up

I should've Spoke Up
When I saw the first incident
They dropped all his books
And made it look like an accident
But knowing those guys
I knew it wasn't a coincidence
They did this all the time
I knew their true intent

I should've Spoke Up
When they made fun of his acne
They called him pepperoni face
They said he needed Acuve
But they didn't stop there
They added insult to injury
They added salt to his wounds
When they called him fat & ugly
Ever since he came out the womb
Jim always had his insecurities
The Bullies hit all of them
And they tore his self-esteem
To the point that poor little Jim
Felt helpless and unworthy


The very next day, they
Grabbed a hold of Jim
He pleaded for his release
But they wouldn't let go of him

Then they started to laugh
And they pushed him around
He begged them to stop
His tears fell to the ground

That's when I Spoke Up
I said "He's had enough
Just because you pick on him
Doesn't make you tough

You guys aren't cool
You just look like fools
What you're doing isn't funny
It's just mean and cruel"

I said what I had to say
The Bullies didn't stay
They slowly walked away
Then Jim walked my way

He said "Thank you stranger
I didn't know what to do
They would've beat me up
If it weren't for you"

And ever since then
At the age of ten
We became best friends
And hung out often

I wonder what would happen
If I remained Silent
This would've probably got worse
This could've possibly got violent

Copyright 2012 Dijon Jean-Baptiste