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A poem on Bullying by JP graduate Danwitt Jean-Baptiste

JP Graduate Danwitt Jean-Baptiste is a passionate poet that has written a piece about the consequences of being a bystander to bullying. The poem is entitled Silence.


I watched in Silence
When they took Jimmy's bag
He asked for it back
But The Bullies just laughed

I watched in Silence
When they stole his bike
They took his I-phone
And they 
 his pride

I watched in Silence
As he was being called names
He was labeled a disgrace
Just because he was gay

I watched in Silence
When they pushed him around
He begged them to stop
His tears fell to the ground

Then they called him a wuss
And they punched him in the gut
That's when The Principal came
He yelled "That's enough!"

I watched in Silence
As the bullies ran away
The Principal walked to Jimmy
And asked "Are you okay?"
Jimmy replied "No!"
He said "This is the last day"
Jimmy looked serious
He said "They're all gonna pay!"

I watched in Silence
As everybody ran
Headed to the corner
As fast as they can

The announcement came up
"We are in lockdown mode"
The girls started to cry
And found someone to hold

I listened with my ears when
The school called my mother
They said Jimmy took his life
As well as two others

Maybe if I Spoke Up
He wouldn't get tormented
He would have better luck
And this could've be prevented

Copyright 2012 Dijon Jean-Baptiste