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Mr. Martinak Honored at Fairley Dickinson University!!!   

 On Saturday, September 6, 2014, Bill Martinak was honored as an Educator of Distinction by the National Society of High School Scholars in a ceremony at Fairley Dickinson University.

   Every year over 1,000 nominations are received by the Society, in the form of a 500 word essay, from students who feel teachers have, according to the NSHSS website, served as “outstanding role models and positive influences, those who have made a lasting difference in students’ lives by encouraging them to strive for excellence,” from whom some fifty teachers nation-wide are so recognized.   Mr Martinak was nominated by Aditi Mehta, JPS class of 2014.

   The Society was co-founded by Claes Nobel, a native of Sweden and senior member of the family that established the Nobel Prizes.  In his words, “For more than 100 years my family name has been recognized as a hallmark of peace and excellence. While it is an honor and privilege to recognize the greatest scientists, poets, statesmen, and philosophers among us, there is a special place in my heart for encouraging and recognizing the youth of the world. This is why I helped found the National Society of High School Scholars and why I continue to devote my time and abilities to this distinguished organization.”

   Mr Martinak is the ninth member of the JP Stevens faculty to be so recognized.

(images are of Mr Martinak and Mr Nobel at the recognition ceremony)