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*District Calculator Information

While it is the district’s endeavor to provide all students with the technological resources for a successful implementation of the NJ Student Learning Standards for Math and NJ DOE state mandated assessment administration, we strongly recommend that each student purchase their own scientific and graphing calculator.  The TI-34 Multiview calculator is the scientific calculator of choice for the district.  It is ideal for Pre-Algebra, Algebra I and II, general science and Geometry.  It is approved for use on the SAT, ACT and AP exams.  The TI-84 series graphing calculator will be an integral component during mathematics instruction for students in the Edison Public Schools from Algebra 1 through advanced courses such as AP Calculus and AP Statistics.  The use of both calculators will afford students the ability to customize their learning needs, not only during school based instruction, but through practice at home as well.  This investment will continue to assist students beyond their high school career well into their college coursework.

The Texas Instruments TI-84+ series graphing calculator is the standard for the NJ DOE state mandated mathematics calculator based questions.  The NJ DOE state mandated assessment test will emulate its use for the Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 courses.  


  • The vision of the mathematics standards is focused on achieving one central goal: to enable ALL of New Jersey’s children to acquire the mathematical skills, understanding, and attitudes they need to be successful in their careers and daily lives.
  • Students at John P. Stevens High School are required to successfully complete three years of mathematics coursework.  Student placement is based upon aptitude, district criteria, and classroom performance.
  • Department offerings are available in the district’s program of studies.  All courses are aligned with the New Jersey Learning Standards for Mathematics.
  • Mathematics teachers at John P. Stevens are the department’s greatest resource.  Besides upholding an excellent and thorough knowledge of the subject, each teacher utilizes differentiated instructional strategies that enhance student success.  In-service programs and workshops are conducted throughout the year to assure professional growth for all of our teachers.
  • The John P. Stevens Mathematics Department focuses not only on the content of the curriculum but the application to real-life situations reinforcing 21st Century Skills.  Our students will be prepared for the challenges they will face during their college experience.  Calculators, computers, manipulatives, technology and the internet are used as tools to enhance learning and assist in problem solving.
  • In this ever changing world, students who have a solid understanding and foundation of mathematics, will have multiple opportunities throughout their lives.  The John P. Stevens Mathematics Department is committed to providing all students with the opportunity and support necessary to learn, explore, and apply mathematics.